During Roadburn Festival hundreds of campsite guests from all over the world will be staying at the official Roadburn Campsite @ Stadscamping Tilburg. Most of them have their own tents or campervans and for those guests who wish a little more comfort we offer rental Flexotels rooms (already sold out) and Festipi tents. For those who don’t want to bring their own tents and campsite stuff but like to stay at the Roadburn Campsite the Festipi tent is a perfect alternative.

Extra Festipi tents

In association with the Festipi and Roadburn organization we managed extra Festipi tents for those of you still looking for a place to sleep when you’re in Tilburg for Roadburn!

The Festipi is the ultimate festival tent. With all the positive elements of a traditional tipi. Including the perfect air circulation that ensures you that in cold weather the tipi is more warm and in hot weather the tent remains pleasantly cool. You also have the convenience of the height of this tent, so you can just stand (read: more than 2.5 meters high). The experience of this tent with the amazing artwork ensures your Roadburn festival will be ultimate.

The Festipi Tiyospaye is a Tipi tent with a diameter of 3 meters. Ideal for 2 people.

Pricing & Tickets

2P Thursday – Monday morning: € 260
(festivalticket NOT included)

Additional stay on Wednesday, April 19 (Up sell):
2P: € 65


Sleeping mats and -bags included

Want to stay comfortable during the festival? The Festipi is a super cool and comfortable Tipi in a fancy jacket. On the floor of cowskin are thick Nomad 5.0 sleeping mats, Nomad Bronco sleeping bags and soft pillows including pillowcases.

NB. Festival Tickets are not included with this booking.

The Festipi Tiyospaye is a Tipi tent with a diameter of 3 meters. Ideal for 2 people.

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