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Roadburn Urban Campsite 2020

Spoorpark Tilburg

Wednesday 15 - Monday 20 April 2020

Official Roadburn Urban Campsite

As the official festival camping for Roadburn, we will be welcoming visitors of the Roadburn Festival, this year for the 4th time. From Wednesday 15th April, until Monday the 20th of April,  you will be able to place your tent, camper or caravan on our camping grounds. Or get one of our luxuary rental accomodations!

Roadburn veterans might know that Stadscamping Tilburg is a small non-profit foundation in Tilburg. Fully run by volunteers, Stadscamping Tilburg provides event campings for smaller and bigger festivals in Tilburg. With the Urban Campsite during Roadburn, we strive to provide you with the best camping experience, we can possibly provide for you.

Open at Wednesday!

The Roadburn Campsite will be opened from Wednesday 15th untill Monday 20th of April.
At Wednesday you will be welcomed from 2 PM. On Monday the 20th, you can stay until 12:00 AM. Once you’re on the camping site,  you can rent a locker for your valuables or a bike to go to the festival. 

Parking tickets, lockers and rental bikes

Get you parking tickets for the Roadburn Campsite, rental bikes and lockers in our Roadburn Campsite Webshop!

Camping Prices

CAMPING – bring your own tentsupplies and pitch on the campsite:
€ 56,50 for three nights (Thu – Sun).
€ 68.50 for four nights (Thu – Mon).
€ 82,00 for five nights (Wed – Mon).
€22 for 1 night (Thurday)
€22 for 1 night (Friday)
€22 for 1 night (Saturday)
€22 for 1 night (Sunday)

incl. a sleeping matsleeping bag and a pillow
1 person basic tent – €115 for four nights (Thu – Mon).
2 person basic tent – €215 for four nights  (Thu – Mon).
An additional night can be purchased for
Wednesday night for €16 (1 person) or €28 (2 person).

Campervan Prices

CAMPERVAN – bring your own campervan or caravan and provide your own creature comforts.

You need to purchase the camping ticket for the number of days you wish to stay plus the additional campervan ticket priced at €20.

(NOTE: €3,40 service fees are applicable for purchases for campsite tickets).


If you have any questions about the Roadburn Urban Campsite, you can e-mail us at

Luxuary Rental Accomodations


Festipi (1, 2 or 3 persons)

The Festipi looks great on the outside and are comfy to stay on the inside! With a height of 2.5 meters, you can easily stand in this tent.
Every Festipi has unique art on its canvas,  inspired by popular culture.

The  Festipi is camping-ready and  the following will be included with your ticket:

  • 2x campsite entrance
  • 2x  thick  Nomad 10.0 Sleeping mats.
  • 2x  soft JYSK pillows, including clean pillowcases.
  • 2x thick Nomad Bronco sleepingbags.


FESTIPI – a tipi style tent set up with Nomad 10.0 sleeping matsleeping bagpillow:
1 person Festipi – €179 for four nights (Thu – Mon).
2 person Festipi – €309 for four nights (Thu – Mon).
3 person Festipi – €429 for four nights (Thu – Mon).
An additional night can be purchased for Wednesday night for €32 (1 person) or €59 (2 person)
or €78 (3 person). 

Baron Tent (2 persons)

The Baron Tent is a more luxury camping experience, with a sturdy tent, placed on a wooden platform. It has two chairs and everything you need for a few days of camping.

The Baron Tent is camping-ready and  the following will be included with your ticket: 

  • 2x campsite entrances
  • 2x real beds, with pillows and duvets
  • a lock
  • a light
  • acces to a powerpoint
  • two chairs


BARON TENT – tent set up with real bedsduveta locka lightpower pointtwo chairs and on a wooden platform:
2 person Baron Tent – €399 for four nights (Thu – Mon).
An additional night can be purchased for Wednesday night for €99.


Queen Tent (4 persons)

The Queen tent is perfect for friends, with a capacity of 4 persons.
The tent is set up with several airbeds, sleeping bags and a working light.

The Queen Tent is camping-ready and  the following will be included with your ticket:

  • 4x campsite entrance
  • a setup tent for 4 persons
  • 4x airbeds and sleeping bags (you need to bring your own pillows)
  • a light


QUEEN TENT – tent set up with airbedssleeping bag and light (perfect for friends!):
4 person – €499  for four nights (Thu – Mon)
An additional night can be purchased for Wednesday night for €96.


Festihut (4 persons) SOLD OUT

The Festihut is perfect for couples or friends who value privacy or comfort. The Festihut comes with several beds, bedding, pillows, a working light and power acces point and a lock to keep your valuables safe.

The Festihut is camping-ready and  the following will be included with your ticket: 

  • 4x campsite entrances
  • 2x bunkbeds with bedding and pillows
  • a light
  • acces to a powerpoint
  • a lockable door to your Festihut


FESTIHUT – 4 beds (bunk beds), beddingpillowslightpower pointlock:

4 person – €666 for four nights (Thu – Mon)
An additional night can be purchased for Wednesday night for €146




This year, the Roadburn Urban Campsite will be catered by the T-Huis, a new restaurant in ‘Het Spoorpark’ . Of course our friends of Crêperie Natuurlijk, De Spijzenier and the guys of Stoom 013 (with the best coffee of Tilburg) will be back as well.


Crêperie Natuurlijk

At Crêperie Natuurlijk, 100% organic crêpes are baked à la minute according to a Breton recipe with biological honey beer as a special ingredient.  Served with homemade salted caramel, jam, banana with chocolate spread or seasonal fruits with whipped cream. For the savory appetite we serve authentic Breton Galettes. This is the savory, crunchy variant of the crepe, made with the healthy buckwheat flour. Our favorite; the Wokkie – Tokkie Special: cheese, bacon, onion chutney and a fresh egg.

De Spijzenier

De Spijzenier, born out of passion for atmosphere and taste, started out as The Smallest Soup Stall by Toon Zebregs and Maartje Appels. As lovers of good food and nature, they  like to share their love for good food with their guests.  De Spijzenier has an ever changing menu, so you will never know what you will get. One thing is for sure: They stand for honest food, special flavors and authenticity.



In cooperation with the T-Huis, the newly opened restaurant in the Spoorpark, we will attend to all your needs. They will serve a hearty breakfast, great coffee and a collection of craft beers. The T-huis is located in the heart of the new Spoorpark and in the evening (or cold mornings) the urban campfire will be burning in front of the restaurant to keep you warm!


  • A cozy bar with a nice assortiment of local craft beers.
  • Freshly prepared breakfast with coffee and tea.
  • Charging point for mobile phones.
  • Electricity for caravans & campers.
  • Clean toilets.
  • Wasbasins and showers with clean, cold and hot water.
  • Rental service for lockers and bikes

Good to know…

  • The official Roadburn Urban Campsite is a meeting place for all Roadburners
  • The 013 venue is close to the campsite! Only a 15 minutes of walking or 5 minutes by bike.
  • There’s a big supermarket (AH XL) close to the campsite.
  • In the new Spoorpark there’s a 35 meters high watchtower: the Kempentoren.